Travelling with baby and diapering

Going out for the first time especially over long distances with a newborn can be tricky for many parents. One has to make sure that they pack everything the baby may need from clothes and beddings to medicine, food and diapers. Diapers are among the must-have supplies whenever one is on the go with their newborn.

Diapering Tips

Below are some useful diapering tips for when you’re taking the baby out.

  1. Regardless of whether you’re going a short distance away to the park or travelling long-distance, you must bring with you an adequate supply of diapers. For a short trip during the day, pack at least 2 or 3 diapers but for overnight trips, you should bring along as much as 12 overnight diapers which are more absorbent.
  2. There are other supplies that go hand in hand with diapers, which you should also pack. These include:

Baby wipes:

These make dealing with the messy diaper changes a lot easier. You can use them to wipe your baby’s bottom clean before re-diapering. They are also useful for wiping messy faces and dirty, sticky hands especially after feeding.

Changing pad:

It is hard to know exactly where and when your baby will need a diaper change so you should carry a changing pad with you. Some diaper bags come with changing pads but you can also buy disposable ones. You don’t want to place your baby on a dirty surface while you are changing him.

Plastic bags:

These are a must for storing the disposable changing pads, dirty diapers and used baby wipes, keeping any mess and odor under control while you are on the go until you can dispose of them properly.

Diaper bags:

these are used to carry a lot of things that make life while travelling with your baby a lot easier. Make sure you’ve packed the things you’ll need such a diaper rush cream, hand sanitizer, medications, extra clothes for the baby and other items like food and toys.

Diapering in public

When you are on the go, you may have to change diapers where there’s no privacy of a restroom. And where there’s one, the changing table there will probably not be very clean. Therefore be prepared to change using that unclean table, stroller or car seat, or make do with whatever is available including your car’s trunk. This is where changing pads are most useful. If you forgot to park a changing pad, improvise. Things such as a newspaper, a towel, shawl, blanket or a lavatory paper towel can serve rather well as a changing pad.

In addition, when you change diapers in a public place there are rules of etiquette that you should observe. First, avoid doing so in an area where people are eating. It’s not just unhygienic; poop stinks even if it is a baby’s. Second, never leave your baby’s diapers behind when you exit the area. Rather than throwing the smelly diapers in a trash can in public, it’s much more courteous to put them in a plastic bag, which you should always carry with you, so that you can dispose them when you get home.