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Travelling with baby and diapering

Going out for the first time especially over long distances with a newborn can be tricky for many parents. One has to make sure that they pack everything the baby may need from clothes and beddings to medicine, food and diapers. Diapers are among the must-have supplies whenever one is on the go with their newborn. Diapering Tips Below are some useful diapering tips for when you’re taking the baby out. Regardless of whether you’re going a short distance away to the park or travelling long-distance, you must bring with you an adequate supply of diapers. For a short trip

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Selecting a Crib

Babies spend a lot of time during their initial months of life outside the womb sleeping. Newborns sleep for up to 17 hours a day but this number and the sleep pattern changes as they grow older. Since they spend so much time sleeping, it is therefore important to ensure that they sleep in a safe environment. Since safety is of utmost importance, it is crucial to have safety at the top of your mind when selecting the baby’s crib. What you should look for in a crib Fixed side rails Cribs with adjustable side rails/ drop-side cribs that were

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