Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

A split screen baby monitor helps you to observe everything your baby is doing even if the two of you aren’t in the same room. The best ones generate two different video feeds using two baby cameras. Children can be quite elusive. They know how to move around – even if it’s on their belly or by walking while supporting themselves on furniture and walls – with remarkable deftness. For this reason, your two eyes are limited, especially if you are busy with other stuff. More crucially, you don’t even need to understand the technology behind it all. What you have to do is to turn the system on! Before blinking your eyes, the video feeds will be on the split screen. This article reviews the best split screen baby monitors in the market today.

Split Screen Baby Monitor Reviews

Moonybaby Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor 2 Cameras, Split Screen by Moonybaby, Pan Tilt Camera, 170 Degree Wide View Lens Included, 4.3 inches Large Monitor, Night Vision, Temperature, 2 Way Talk Back, Long Range

This split screen baby monitor has many admirable qualities. For starters, if you have two children who are in different rooms, the monitor will help you stay in touch with them wherever they are. The monitor’s remote pan, zoom, and tilt capabilities are accessible via the Parent Unit. Through these features, you would be able to view your young one from various angles. Furthermore, it operates via a 100 percent digital technology that’s wireless and completely secure. What is more, you don’t need the Internet or Wi-Fi to set the connection up. Courtesy of the monitor’s Talk Back feature, you would also be able to talk to the little one or your partner. You can move your babies to a different room while monitoring them!


  • The split screen enables parents to monitor more than one child at a time
  • Allows parents to keep track of kids in two different rooms simultaneously
  • Supports panning, tilting, and zooming
  • Comes with a digital camera
  • Automatic night vision
  • Full of lullabies
  • 4.3” screen is large enough
  • Nightlight and lullabies are built-in
  • Displays room temperature


  • Wide camera angle struggles to produce the best picture during the night
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DBPOWER Split Screen

DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor, 270o Pan-Tilt-Zoom/4.3” Large Screen/VOX/Soothing Lullabies/Temp. Monitor/2-Way Talk/Night Vision/Nightlight/Record/Sound Indicator for Elder/Pet. etc., Camera Expandable

When you need a split screen baby monitor badly, then you should settle on DBPOWER. One of its biggest attractions is the LCD technology you get through its 4.3” screen. That’s not the only one, though. Its LED sound-activated indicators will leave you and your babies highly impressed. Don’t forget the pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities that you can control remotely! Other than those, you also get a split screen monitor that displays room temperature. It’s capable of supporting TF cards of up to 32GB. However, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t come with the TF Card. Furthermore, its Two-Way-Talk has a range of up to 1000 feet. The split-screen viewing supports up to four cameras too!


  • You can view up to four cameras with its split screen feature
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Offers infrared night vision
  • Plenty of lullabies to soothe your young ones to sleep
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Large 4.3” screen
  • LCD
  • LED indicators
  • Pans, tilts, and zooms remotely


  • TF Card isn’t automatic
  • Motion activation automatically goes on even when the baby hasn’t moved
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VTech VM321-2 Split Screen Monitor

VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras

With this split screen monitor, you are assured of two cameras. Its 2.8” LCD screen delivers exceptional high resolution, through which you can even watch the faintest of smiles on your baby’s face! The infrared night vision, which sets in automatically when night falls, allows you to monitor your baby without creating much disturbance. Do you go through moments when your babies seem restless? Well, you can use the monitor’s two-way-way-talk-back feature to sooth them. Other than that, the talkback feature comes with five preset lullabies that you could always play to keep your baby at ease. What is more, the monitor has an adjustable camera lens that you could change to watch your baby at the best angle!


  • High-resolution screen display
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Talkback for comforting the baby
  • Five preset lullabies
  • Adjustable camera lens
  • Mountable on the walls


  • The battery takes too long (approximately 12 hours) to charge
  • Camera’s red and green lights can be a bit annoying
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Samsung Wisenet SEW-3053WN

Samsung Wisenet SEW-3053WN BabyView Wi-Fi Remote Viewing Baby Video Monitoring System

When you need to watch videos of the highest quality of your babies, you should start your search for the best split screen baby monitors with Samsung Wisenet SEW-3053WN. Through it, you will have access to a monitor that makes live streaming an effortless task! Other than that, you also get a smooth night vision with it. You could also pan, tilt, and zoom videos to your satisfaction with little difficulty. Its Wi-Fi connectivity is more reliable too! Through the monitor’s Environment Sensor, you have a feature that monitors room temperature, dust pollution, and humidity levels. That way, your little one can grow in a clean and conducive environment as an active and healthy individual.


  • You can tilt and pan cameras remotely
  • Video monitoring is of the highest quality
  • Impressive night vision
  • Four preset lullabies
  • Built-in nightlight
  • A sensor monitors humidity levels, room temperature, and air pollution
  • Response monitor (touch screen)


  • Monitor lacks on/off switch button
  • Not the greatest Wi-Fi monitor
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Motorola Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD Cameras with Infrared Night Vision and Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom - 5-Inch LCD Color Display with Split Screen View, Room Temperature and Sound Alert MBP50-G2

Few split screen monitors are as good as Motorola Baby Monitor at providing full room coverage! The two portable cameras it comes with delivering all the bird’s eye view that you need to see what your babies are up to at any given moment. What is more, the monitor gives you the freedom to control its camera remotely from any room. The display, too, is quite impressive, as you will see through the colorful 5” LCD screen. During the night, you will also be able to monitor your baby’s latest shenanigans through its infrared (IR) night vision. The ability to communicate with your baby is guaranteed via the monitor’s two-way intercom system. Moreover, its high-sensitivity microphones capture even the minutest of sounds impeccably!


  • High sensitivity microphones capture the seemingly hard-to-hear sounds
  • The 5-inch LCD screen provides colorful and impressive displays
  • Panning, tilting, and zooming are all easy to control remotely
  • View full room coverage
  • Superb battery life


  • Dual audio might be weak or completely absent in split screen
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Are you now ready to buy the best split screen baby monitor? If yes, then your search should begin with the names published above. With that, you will have narrowed your choices down to five names. It’s easier to select from a list of five instead of scouring the market for days on end without getting what you want. The names reviewed here have the best battery life. They also don’t cost a fortune. Furthermore, they are capable of communicating at least two cameras through their split screens. The range of their monitors isn’t questionable either while the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the cameras remotely makes them more attractive! Don’t forget that each brand reviewed here has a large display, multiple receivers, and superb picture quality!