Best Reusable Nursing Pads

Reusable nursing pads are full of benefits. For starters, they are eco-friendly, thus will never be at risk of damaging the environment in any way. Secondly, they are economical, therefore will not consume all the funds in your account. Unlike disposable nursing pads, they are not renowned for causing allergies or reactions of any kind. Furthermore, they are also quite comfortable. As if that’s not enough, you could use it on your next baby or give it to somebody else who needs it. However, you have to buy the best reusable nursing pads to enjoy these benefits. The market is full of them, hence making it challenging to find the best. Fortunately, this review provides all the information you need to select the best pads!

Reusable Nursing Pads Reviews

Contoured Bamboo Nursing Pads

Contoured Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads | Organic Bamboo Breastfeeding Pads, Ultra-Soft Velvet Flower Pads | 10 Pack with 2 Bonus Pouches & Free E-Book | Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Contoured Pads are thus named because of their shape. However, they are not in the category of the best reusable nursing pads for their shape alone. For starters, they come in two types. The first is perfect for using during the day while the other one performs exceptionally well at night. Additionally, they are also massively comfortable. Their effectiveness is not in doubt at all too. The maximum absorbency the pads come with guarantees no leaking. Because of this, you can continue wearing your bra and clothing. As a breastfeeding mother, you know how important comfort is in a nursing pad. Fortunately, this pad provides all that and more. It is also highly versatile. You would never go wrong buying it as a baby shower gift!


  • Eco-friendly pads
  • Fit perfectly
  • Made from organic bamboo, which is more absorbent and softer
  • Its protective outer layer guarantees maximum protection at night or day
  • Perfect for mothers who are exclusively pumping or nursing
  • Not cumbersome or inconvenient to wear


  • May require constant changing during the day to avoid feeling damp
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Bamboobies Reusable Breast Pads

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Reusable Breast Pads, 4 Pairs - 3 Pair Regular, 1 Pair Overnight, Multi-Color, Variety Pack

These ultra-soft reusable nursing pads are exactly what you need! They are also quite soothing! The inner layer is made of cotton, thus heavily absorbent, just the way you prefer! With a milk-proof liner on the outside, you will never have to worry about the embarrassing leaks. Furthermore, the pads come in fours. The first three pairs are for light leaking. One pair is for newborn nursing and instances of heavy leaking. Courtesy of their heart shapes, you will never have to worry about wearing visible pads. What is more, the pads are designed to ensure that you remain dry and comfortable while pumping or breastfeeding your little one. To benefit greatly from them, though, you have to wash them when they get too wet!


  • Highly absorbent
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ultra-soft on the skin
  • Overnight types are much bigger and more absorbent
  • Thin thus not visible


  • Heart shape can make the pads a little cumbersome to wear
  • Capable of slipping around
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BabyBliss Reusable Bamboo Pads

BabyBliss Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads - 14 Pads+3 Bonus Items - Available in 3 Sizes - Soft & Absorbent - Leak-Proof - with Organza & Wash Bags - Baby Shower Gift (M)

With a soft inner layer, you will get everything that you ever hoped for from BabyBliss. The outer layer is made using polyester, which protects you from embarrassing leaks too. It comes in three sizes, hence ensuring that you’re more likely to get what you need. Its new contoured design/shape allows it to fit perfectly. Courtesy of the contoured shape, you can look forward to using pads that naturally fit the breasts. What is more, the manufacturers offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. For this reason, you will not waste any money buying the pads. As if that’s not sufficient, you also get a few extras with every purchase. One of the most popular extras is the complimentary laundry bag for storing the pads after washing them!


  • Soft inner layer
  • Have an extra protective outer layer
  • Available in different sizes
  • Equipped with few beneficial extras
  • Highly durable
  • Exceptional leak prevention
  • Lay flat on the breasts


  • You may have to do plenty of laundries if you only have one of these
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M&Y Organic Bamboo Pads

M&Y Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (14 Pads + 3 Bonuses), Washable, Reusable, Leak-Proof, Soft & Absorbent, with Organza & Wash Bags, Baby Shower Gift, M (3.7 in), White/Beige

These washable and reusable nursing pads will never disappoint you. For starters, they are available in white/beige. Because of this, you will have extra motivation to clean them. Additionally, they are comfortable and contoured to fit your breasts properly. With these pads, you will never have to worry about the annoying and embarrassing leaks. The waterproof outer layer guarantees that! Furthermore, the pads don’t lose their water resistance regardless of the number of times you wash them. They are available in two different sizes; that is, medium and large. In addition to all that, the pads are breathable and hypoallergenic! Don't worry about losing money either since the risk-free 100% money-back guarantee offer will put you at peace!


  • Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • A completely waterproof outer layer
  • Super-soft on the skin courtesy of their organic bamboo surface
  • They are a perfect fit hence unlikely to slide around and slip off
  • Massively absorbent


  • Capable of crinkling
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Washable Organic Pads

Washable Organic Nursing Pads (8 Pack) | Contoured Reusable Breast/Breastfeeding Pads with Carry Bag

With its contoured shape, you have a set of pads that will fit inside your bra comfortably. What is more, it’s neither too thick nor thin. It’s just the right size to wear without feeling too uncomfortable. These ultra-soft pads are reusable and washable also! You can use them fully assured of their high levels of absorbency during the day or at night. They come in four pairs, thus giving you a set of eight pads at any given moment. Furthermore, you don’t need to use it with your preferred nipple creams, which allow you to save money. If you have struggled with chaffed or sore nipples, then these pads will provide all the comfort you need to feed your baby. For mothers with sensitive skin, the pads are the best too!


  • Perfect for moms with sensitive skin and sore nipples
  • Extra comfortable on the skin
  • Ultra-soft thus not causing any discomfort
  • Organic bamboo is 100 percent FDA Certified


  • Can grow extra wet and gross
  • List Element
  • List Element
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Therefore, do not hesitate to get your set of the best reusable nursing pads. The information posted above through the reviews should guide you to avoid making mistakes when buying these pads. All the reusable pads provide excellent value for money. For this reason, you will not go wrong, choosing any from the above list. They are all comfortable. Additionally, they all come in wide-ranging sizes to ensure that you get what fits you perfectly. What is more, they play a role in preventing leaks admirably. Consequently, they allow you to continue doing what you have to without getting distracted or worrying about changing bras and other items of clothing. Save money by buying these pads today!