Best Nursing Covers

While nursing covers aren’t a must have for every mum, they are still nice to have especially if you have to breastfeed in public as they provide a sense of privacy. In addition, nursing covers can also help shield your baby from wind or sun if you choose to breastfeed outdoors. There are different types of nursing covers, and unlike a car seat or crib, there are no set recommendations or guidelines for nursing covers.

Instead, picking the right one is more about you finding a cover that is comfortable when you wear it. Nursing covers should be easy to adjust, use and provide the needed coverage to allow you nurse your little one with utmost confidence. The fabric should also be breathable, soft and touchable to ensure your little one stays comfortable. That said, below are some of the best nursing covers that you can choose from.

Nursing Covers Reviews

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover, Isla

The Bebe au Lait brand is known to make high-quality, 100 percent cotton nursing covers that have a variety of beautiful patterns. This Bebe au Lait makes it to our list thanks to the muslin fabric construction that makes it breathable, lightweight and an excellent nursing cover for summer.


  • One of the best nursing covers for summer thanks to the breathable and lightweight muslin fabric used in its construction that prevents your little one from overheating
  • Bebe au Lait is well trusted brand when it comes to making high-quality nursing covers
  • Made from 100 percent cotton
  • This nursing cover is an excellent choice for use regardless of the temperature conditions
  • It’s an apron-style cover that features a rigid neckline that enables you to look at your baby when s/he is breastfeeding
  • This Bebe au Lait apron-style cover can be used for both nursing and pumping
  • The cotton material is machine washable making it easy for you to clean this cover
  • It’s available in different prints and colors
  • It has two internal terry pockets for storage and cleanup


  • It’ll need you to keep checking that you are covered especially if your baby keeps moving around a lot when breastfeeding
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Woobhubs Multi-Purpose Nursing Cover

Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover Multi-Use Stretchy 5 in 1 Gift"Bloom

If you’re searching for a nursing cover that is multi-purpose, then you can’t go wrong with the Woobhubs Multi-Purpose nursing cover. This cover is a 5-in-1, meaning its designed for multi-use. This cover can be used as a nursing cover, baby car seat cover, high chair cover, infinity scarf, and shopping cart cover.


  • This is a 5-in-1 cover that can be used as a nursing cover, infinity scarf, baby car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and high chair cover
  • As a nursing cover, this piece is used as a poncho-style nursing cover
  • It’s available in different colors giving you the freedom to buy it in a color that suits your style
  • This cover is made for use in different seasons and helps provide the needed protection against different elements
  • The fabric used in making this cover is high-quality, trendy, modern and folds nicely for easy storage when not in use
  • Can be put on and take off very easily whether as a nursing cover or car seat cover


  • When used as a car seat, it doesn’t protect your baby from the rain or snow as it’s not waterproof
  • The neckline isn’t rigid hence it might be a bit difficult to see your baby when breastfeeding
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Itzy Ritzy Nursing Cover

Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Cover and Infinity Nursing Scarf – Nursing Cover Can Be Worn as a Scarf and Provides Full Coverage While Nursing Baby, Gray Chevron

The one thing that makes the Itzy Ritzy breastfeeding cover is that it can be used as a nursing cover for both you and the baby and a scarf for yourself. Depending on how you drape this cover, you can cover the whole side that your baby is breastfeeding on and your back.


  • It can cover both the side your baby is nursing on as well as the back
  • It’s a versatile cover that can be used as a nursing cover for mother and child and as a scarf or the mother
  • By covering the back, this cover protects you should you need to lift up your shirt when breastfeeding
  • This cover is made from 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester
  • The combination of both cotton and polyester helps make this cover breathable and lightweight
  • It doesn’t have any buckles or snaps which makes it easy for you to have eye contact with your baby as they nurse and maintain airflow
  • An excellent piece of accessory especially when used as a scarf as they come in different colors and prints


  • Doesn’t provide the coverage needed for pumping as it only covers one side at any given time
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QAQADU Nursing Cover

Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding - 3 Pack Premium Set of Car Seat Canopy & Nursing Pads - Use As Stretchy Scarf, Poncho, Shawl, Wrap Up for Infant Boys & Girls

This QAQADU cover is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cover that can be used as a breastfeeding cover, shawl, stretchy scarf, car seat cover, as well as a wrap up for your baby. But what makes the QAQADU nursing cover one of the best is that it provides a lot of coverage especially if you are breastfeeding your little one in public.


  • It’s a versatile, stretchy and trendy nursing cover that can be used for both infant boys and girls
  • It provides so much coverage making it your go-to feeding nursing cover when you are in public
  • Works as an excellent stroller or car seat cover that helps keep out any stuff that can irritate your baby such as wind, sun, prying eyes and bugs
  • Its breathable and the fabric which is soft and super light is baby approved
  • Amazing customer support and comes with a 30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee
  • Excellent cover for mums whose babies have allergies to pollen as it can protect them from any flying pollen
  • The material used in its construction is machine washable which means you can clean it and use it immediately after


  • The style and design limits eye contact with the baby
  • Has to be washed after purchase to get rid of the unpleasant chemical smell
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Kiddo Care Nursing Cover

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf for Breastfeeding (Elegant Grey)

The Kiddo Care nursing cover is not only affordable, but it’s made from high-quality material. In fact, this nursing cover is the most affordable breastfeeding cover in our review that doesn’t compromise on quality and gets the job done.


  • It’s an affordable cover scarf that is also versatile
  • The lightweight cotton blend material is both opaque and attractive while ensuring that prying eyes can’t see through it
  • Because of its unstructured design, this cover can be used as a baby blanket, poncho, sunshade, picnic cloth or simply for breastfeeding or pumping
  • Kiddo Care has a refund policy if you are not happy with this cover and a replacement if there is a defect in the construction or material
  • This scarf gives you the freedom to tie your scarf in different styles especially if you are keen on hiding your baby
  • The single grey color makes this cover an excellent choice as it’s compatible with any wardrobe
  • It’s not likely to shrink given that the material used isn’t 100 percent cotton
  • Kiddo Care guarantees that the fabric used can help protect your baby from the sun’s ultraviolet rays


  • The fabric isn’t as stretchy as it appears
  • Some mums have complained about the textile being annoying and scratchy
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Bozeman Baby Company Nursing Cover

Infinity Nursing Scarf for Breastfeeding Covers Baby Also Breast Pump Cover Up

Infinity scarfs are an excellent way to spruce up your wardrobe. Still, they act as excellent nursing or pumping covers, especially if you find one that doubles up as a scarf and a nursing cover. This nursing scarf from Bozeman Baby Company is soft and comfortable and doesn’t cause any irritation on your baby’s delicate.


  • This cover acts as a good nursing cover that also doubles up as a scarf for when you need to accessorize your outfit of the day
  • Made from a light jersey knit material that soft, comfortable and doesn’t cause any irritation to both mother and child
  • The loop style enables this cover up to easily wrap around your back, front and sides hence providing you with full coverage
  • This scarf is available in a wide variety of prints that can go with any style
  • The company donates one scarf for every 10 scarves sold to a local health department that is meant to benefit lactation consultants and social workers
  • It comes with a 30-day hassle free return policy giving you the confidence to buy it


  • This cover up may be too snug for some plus-sized mums
  • It has an unpleasant smell that doesn’t wear off immediately
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Final Thoughts

A nursing cover goes a long way in helping boost the confidence of mums and making them comfortable when breastfeeding in public. As a nursing mother, you never know when your baby will become hungry and need to feed. Besides, feeding should be done on demand and not on a schedule. Because there are many options available, it’s important to choose a cover up depending on the use.

Certain cover ups are excellent for breastfeeding, while others work best for pumping. Also, consider the material used and breathability. Bottom line, always try and find a versatile material that you can use for different purposes.