Best Nursery Rocking Chairs

When baby is at rest, mommy and daddy can also rest. Enjoying bonding time with your new bundle of joy can be stressful as they try to make sense of the world and you try to navigate the new responsibility. As parents know, the easiest way to soothe a fussy baby is any type of repetitive action. But who wants to spend hours bouncing a baby around making your arms suffer? For peace of mind, consider a rocker that allows you and your wee one to enjoy a moment of bonding off your feet. As an added advantage, even when the baby is peacefully asleep, mommy or daddy can enjoy a moment of peaceful, gentle slow rocking too. Settling on a rocker can be a long road. You not only have to think about the kind of style that will work best with your nursery, but you will also have to consider size and function. This list outlines the 6 best rockers that you can find right now.

Nursery Rocking Chairs Reviews

Baby Relax Wainwright Wingback Convertible Rocker

Baby Relax Wainwright Wingback Convertible Rocker Chair, Gray Linen

This convertible rocker is the perfect addition to your nursery. Nursing time will be a relaxing time as you sink into the comfort of the linen upholstery. The Baby Relax chair blends comfort with a contemporary, modern style that can fit into many existing styles. It’s also comfortable to sit in for long periods in line with nursing time as the baby falls asleep. The chair also converts into a traditional armchair within a few minutes, and with very little work, by changing the attached legs at the bottom so that it can be used anywhere else when baby is no longer nursing, or you would like to move it to a different part of your house. The chair has been made with a unique design that promises more room for the user, especially in the elbows and shoulder areas.


  • This rocking chair is easy to assemble
  • It has multiple uses as you can convert it from a rocking chair to a normal armchair by converting the legs at the bottom
  • It is built strong to last for a long time


  • This chair is more expensive than others on this list, and this may not be ideal if you’re looking to buy a chair on a budget.
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Delta Children Lancaster Rocking Chair

Delta Children Lancaster Rocking Chair Featuring Live Smart Fabric, Mist

Delta have created a beautiful piece of furniture with this rocking chair that you will love if you’re searching for something modern and contemporary that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The chair has plush cushioning whose smart fabric makes it easy to clean and comes in neutral colors. The fabric also adds to the chair’s durability as does it’s craftsmanship with the wooden areas of the chair finished with a beautiful espresso color. The chair is strong which is needed for the rocking feature that has even been tested for safety. The cushioning on the chair is also specially designed so that it offers the user comfort especially if you plan to spend many a time in it enjoying the gentle rocking.


  • The chair is easy to assemble with minimal parts to put together
  • The microfiber makes the chair easy to clean and its unique design means the chair doesn’t stain easily
  • It rocks on most surfaces


  • It is probably more appropriate for smaller users than anyone with significant height
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Graco Harper Tufted Rocker

Graco Harper Tufted Rocker, Night Sky Cleanable Upholstered Nursery Rocking Chair, Converts to Stationary Armchair

This rocking chair from Stork Craft could be a great addition to your nursery, bedroom, or even the living room. The Graco chair is one that you may find yourself using long after your child is small. It is made of a polyester fabric that can be cleaned easily, maintaining the chair’s comfort for your rocking needs. This chair can be used as a rocking chair, or if you need it to be, a stationary chair as the rocking feature can be changed. This chair foes from rocking to stillness with the change of the bottom from the curved rocker to sturdy chair feet so it can offer you more diversity.


  • This chair can serve both as a rocking chair and a stationary chair with the simple switch of the function
  • It’s easy to assemble so you’ll be able to do this in a short amount of time
  • The build of the chair is strong, and it rocks well


  • The chair can be harder to clean for stains that aren’t water
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Baxton Studio Rocking Chair

Baxton Studio Yashiya Mid Century Retro Modern Fabric Upholstered Rocking Chair, Light Beige

You shouldn’t have to give up your specific and unique preferences for modern furniture with a twist, and that is why the Baxton chair may be the pick for you. Unlike the other rockers on this list, the Baxton rocker features a very modern style that has been described by the makers as “mid-century.” It doesn’t look like your typical rocking chair, but the question is - does it serve like one? The chair has been designed with an ergonomic back that offers a lot of back support for all types of potential users. You will find comfort in the padded cushions and the rocking motion that is quite gentle on this particular chair.


  • The high ergonomic back offers good support and makes it suitable for users of varying heights
  • The chair has a unique modern design if you’re looking for something different
  • For its style and design, the chair is pretty well priced


  • The chair fabric doesn’t clean as easily
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Christopher Knight Rocking Chair

Christopher Knight Home 301988 Bethany Mid Century Fabric Rocking Chair, Grey, Light Walnut

Keeping with the theme of trying to find modern furniture for your home that can serve your needs as well bring us to this Christopher Knight chair. This chair pushed the idea of a traditional rocking chair, but you may find that it is what you’re looking for to add to your modernist or minimalist styled home. The chair is a mix of wood and slight padding, making it lighter than most of its counterparts. Even though the chair features a minimalist design, it has not sacrificed this for comfort. The chair is built with solid, quality material that promises to give the user a comfortable yet safe rocking experience.


  • This rocking chair is quite affordable compared to others in the market
  • It is lightweight and not bulky which is perfect if you’re working with minimum space or like it as a design preference
  • The unique modern style will look good in most bedrooms or nurseries


  • The chair is a little tricky to assemble
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Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Chair

Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker, Beige

So far, the rocking chairs on this list have been for the singular user, which is typically how rocking chairs are designed. The Baby Relax rocking chair has double the space of an ordinary chair, perhaps making it more versatile than other chairs in the market. This chair has double the width of ordinary rocking chairs, which is a design choice meant to add to the comfort of rocking your little one. This big size means that you will probably get a lot of use out of the rocker even as your child grows. You can use it for breastfeeding when your child is still little and then subsequently as a storytime spot for you and your growing toddler. The chair also features plush cushioning all around making your experience a smooth one.


  • The chair is bigger than other rocking chairs which offers more versatility on how you can use it
  • It’s a great choice if you have twins as it offers the additional space that you would need
  • The chair may be big, but it is easy to assemble


  • As it is bigger than a standard rocker, it may not be for you if you have very limited space
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Wrapping Up

When it comes to rockers, you want something that will give you comfort but provide the security that it won’t break easily and will rock comfortably. Deciding on your style is always a good place to start as it will offer you a more focused view of what type of chairs you should be looking at. The chairs on the list offer a host of options varying from very modern styles to traditional designs that are sure to work for everyone. We would advise you to take your time with this decision as it is the spot where you will be creating memories for a lifetime with your children. This chair is where you will bond over feeding time, spend late nights rocking your little one to sleep, and eventually maybe storytime where you foster your child’s amazing sense of wonder. We hope this list provides what you need to make the best decision on your rocking chair.