Best Manual Breast Pump for Large Breasts

Breastfeeding is essential because it ensures that babies eat often. That way, they grow healthy and strong. However, breastfeeding has its fair share of challenges. For example, young babies might struggle to hold large breasts. That could leave them quite frustrated. Good news is a solution exists for this problem. The solution is in the form of the best manual breast pump for large breasts. You always have the option of going for either electric or manual pumps. This article reviews the best of the manual pumps. That way, you have all the information needed to make a wise choice and decision. As you do that, your baby will be assured of a constant supply of the highly nutritious breast milk from the mom.

Manual Breast Pump for Large Breasts Reviews

NUK Expressive

NUK Expressive Manual Breastpump

It’s difficult to find a pump that fits your large breasts. However, that’s not the case when you opt to choose NUK Expressive. If you are a buxomer, who has realized how challenging it can be to find the best manual breast pump, you need not worry. NUK Expressive has created something that fits you perfectly. More interestingly, the machine is safe to use. You will no longer have to be concerned about the pain associated with pumping breast milk. What is more, it costs less than most of its contemporaries. The pump also accords you the freedom to adjust its speed and suction. You may also pump directly to the NUK bottle, which is easy to attach. Additionally, you can do all the pumping with only one hand.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Wonderfully and ergonomically designed


  • Could be slightly cumbersome to hold
  • Produces popping sound when pumping
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Philips Avent Manual Comfort Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

The uniquely designed Philips Avent Manual Comfort Pump is perfect for large breasts because it offers nursing moms the chance to position themselves comfortably. Other than that, it’s also soft on the large breasts. Its textured massage cushion is ideal for stimulating milk flow further. The pump’s compact and lightweight design makes it easier for positioning on the breasts too. Because of the compactness, you will not struggle holding it in place either, which can be a huge problem among women with outsized breasts. If you have grown accustomed to using feeding products from Philips Avent, then you will be glad to note that the pump is compatible with all of them. Additionally, the pump is free of BPA and phthalates too!


  • Free of BPA and phthalates thus safe to use
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Stunning suction power
  • Is not linked with aching that’s common among nursing moms with large breasts
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Can be quite squeaky
  • Its silicone breast pad massage can be too small for some women
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Sumgott Manual Breast Pump

Moms with large breasts also need the best food grade pumps for breast milk. Based on this, it would please the moms to know that Sumgott Manual Breast Pump is food graded. It’s also composed of eco-friendly silicone. Because of this, you can safely utilize it to pump milk that your young baby then drinks. Several attributes of this pump make it extremely special. For example, it has undergone thorough testing to ensure that it contains zero chemical leaching. Similarly, it doesn’t have any trace of BPA, phthalates, and PVC, which can be dangerous to the health of your little one. Furthermore, the pump is lightweight, thus portable. It will not put too much pressure on your breasts or cause you unimaginably painful experience when pumping.


  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Ideal for relieving breast pain
  • Eliminates breast lumps in moms with large breasts
  • Wonderfully effective at reducing the likelihood of developing mastitis
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple enough to assemble or disassemble
  • Contains no toxic substances
  • Excellent suction


  • Could lose much of its suction power soon
  • Could be problematic if it’s your primary pump for large breasts
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Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Pump

Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Pump 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA PVC and Phthalate Free

When talking about pumping with large breasts, you may have noticed how difficult it is to perform these tasks hands-free. Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Pump allows you a chance to do that. You do not need to walk around with a pump. Alternatively, the pump offers you a chance to keep yourself busy with other chores too. With Haakaa, you won’t even need special pumping bras. Furthermore, a good pump for huge breasts should have the highest suction setting. Again, you get all that from Haakaa. For this reason, you should feel confident enough to get and use it to accommodate your unique needs. Moreover, the pump is soft and comfortable, which allows it to give you a painless experience!


  • Stimulates production
  • Painless pumping
  • Easy for traveling with
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Effortless pumping experience


  • Could start emitting unwelcome smell soon
  • Inaccurate measurements
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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

The ergonomic lever on the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is perfect at ensuring that it holds nicely. Moms with large breasts often complain of the inability to produce the desired amount of milk. That could be down to many factors. One of these is the failure of the pump to hold well. Lansinoh addresses this problem effectively. Furthermore, the pump offers two sizes of flanges. The first is the standard 25mm, and the other is the 30.5mm flange, which works wonderfully in moms with large breasts. Through the large size flange, moms don’t have to worry themselves about painful pumping. Additionally, the huge size covers the massive nipples properly while creating room for moms to express more breast milk.


  • Covers large nipples effectively
  • Comes with two sizes of flanges for small and large breasts
  • Easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble
  • Amazing suction power
  • Reduces pain during pumping


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Noise levels could be annoying
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Therefore, you’ve no reason to continue suffering in silence because of the inability to find the best manual breast pump for large breasts. NUK Expressive, Lansinoh, Sumgott, Philips Avent, and Haakaa all produce powerful tools that should prove sufficient. The pumps guarantee the painful pumping experience that moms with large breasts need. Through these pumps, you would also have no reason for complaining about being unable to express the required amount of milk for your growing baby. All the pumps are easy to use, clean, assemble, and disassemble. What is more, they are durable and possess exceptionally good suction power. For these reasons, feel free to place your order for any of the pumps reviewed above!