Best Baby Monitor

There’s nothing quite like the delight of bringing home a new baby for the first time to begin your lives together. Whether it’s a first baby, second or even a third, the search for peace of mind is something that a parent is always after. Parents want to know that they’re children are safe through every waking moment but especially when they are away from their little ones. When children are small, parents wish they could spend every waking moment looking over their child, but as we all know, life makes this wildly impractical. This is where baby monitors come in. These (sometimes) little gadgets can ease the anxiety of a parent, but the search for one can be a hard task on its own.

Finding a baby monitor to suit your needs and pockets can be a challenge with so many options in the market. You go through a series of tough questions as a buyer. Do you buy a brand name, or do you trust the name you’ve never heard before? Are you looking for excellent video quality or is it additional features that you’re really after?

Often, parents have to compromise certain features in favors of others and most times to protect the relative comfort of their pockets. There are lots of things that have to be considered when it comes to finding the right monitor to watch over your young one, including cost, battery life and even the flexibility of the gadgets positioning.

The most common complaints around baby monitors tend to be around their battery life, portability, and not surprisingly, cost. It can be difficult to find a monitor that marks all your checkboxes if you’re left to do the heavy lifting of research by yourself. In this list, we will show you what we consider to be the best baby monitors for all types of pockets and needs.

Baby Monitor Reviews

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

This award-winning baby monitor weighs in at two pounds and boasts a lot of features for any parent seeking the peace of mind that money can buy in this particular instance. The Infant Optics baby monitor offers a host of features including talk-back which could come in handy for the parent looking to soothe their child back to sleep without actually having to go into the room. The monitor also has a night vision functionality, which is boosted by the fact that it also has an interchangeable lens to suit your needs. The Infant Optics monitor also offers you great additional features like a remote thermometer that will keep your room temperature worries in check. If your concern is about the durability of your baby monitor, then this baby monitor may be what you’re looking for as it has tough hardware that can stand the test of time.


  • It is lightweight and easily portable
  • It has a good image and audio quality, both in the daylight and night time
  • It has a great battery life powered by rechargeable batteries


  • At 3.5 inches, the display is smaller than on other monitors in the market
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor - Smart Video Baby Monitor - Contact-Free Real-Time Breathing - HD Video & Audio, Night Vision, Two-Way Talk, Motion, Sound, Humidity & Temperature Detection - HSA/FSA Approved

The award-winning Miku Smart baby monitor is also one of the priciest gadgets in the market - and with good reason. One might even say that it’s the baby monitor for the parent who knows money is no object but still wants the absolute best for their baby. This monitor features customizable lullabies, HD video, and high sound quality. The monitor also has a great speaker system that will offer you crystal sound. The Miku baby monitor also works with wifi and rest assured that none of your personal information is at risk because it also comes with a tamper-proof encrypted chip. You can connect the monitor to your smartphone and check in on your baby resting away while detecting the humidity and temperature of your nursery for even more peace of mind.


  • For the anxious parent, this monitor shows your baby’s activity in real-time and you can even monitor their breathing
  • Smartphone integration means you can check on your baby from anywhere
  • The sleep sounds offered on the monitor can help with a troubled sleeper


  • As far as cost goes, this is definitely one of the priciest ones on the market
  • Some users have complained that the monitor log on or off unexpectedly when it is not updated
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HelloBaby Video Monitor

HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor, Two Way Talkback System

The HelloBaby monitor is a tiny little thing compared to its counterparts in the market, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Weighing in just 1 pound, this super portable monitor works on direct power as well as rechargeable batteries making it a great choice for the parent looking for more mobility with their monitor. The smart features on the HelloBaby include night vision and two-way talk, meaning you can check in on your little one even in a dark room and soothe them back to sleep without your voice becoming distorted on the clear speaker. This baby monitor is also pretty easy to use as it is simple plug-and-play. You no longer have to worry about figuring out difficult operations when you’re trying to set up this important piece of equipment in your baby’s nursery.


  • It is extremely lightweight and portable
  • It offers great features for its price point
  • The audio and picture quality are clear on this monitor
  • The monitor has a great battery life


  • Although clear, some users find the lowest volume setting on the monitor to still be too high
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Foscam Baby Monitor

Foscam Z2 1080P Baby Monitor, Pan&Tilt 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi IP Security Camera with 4X Optical Zoom, Home Surveillance Camera Pet Cam with Motion/Sound Detection,Night Vision, Free Cloud,Black

As a company that specializes in security and surveillance, Foscam have created a nifty baby monitor that can ease the mind of even the most anxious parent. At 1080p HD video quality, the Foscam baby monitor offers crystal picture quality both in the daytime and at night. This baby monitor also comes with a lens that will enable you to pan and tilt for even better viewing without compromising the quality of the images. In addition to the smartphone integration, you can store your information on the SD card in the monitor or on the cloud service provided by the company.


  • It is very easy to set up requiring only that you mount it
  • It works seamlessly with a wifi connection maintaining clear picture quality
  • You can completely hide the camera for additional privacy when it is not in use


  • It lacks the smart features of its counterparts such as temperature detection
  • The zoom feature doesn’t work as well as on other monitors
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Campark Baby Monitor

Campark Baby Monitor with Camera Wireless Video Digital Cam with Infrared Night Vision 2-Way Talk 2.4" LCD 2.4GHz Temperature Sensor VOX Support Multi-Camera

The Campark baby monitor is perfect for a parent looking for something that will truly do what they need it to but at a comfortable price in comparison to most monitors on the market. Although it has a 2.4 inch LCD screen, which ranks small on this list, it still offers a lot of functionality ranging from two-way talk to reminders for feeding time. On the Campark monitor, you will be able to set up waking and feeding times for the parent who is trying to stay on a schedule with their little one. You can also add up to 4 cameras on this monitor for even more use if you have other children that you want to keep an eye on. An added bonus on this versatile monitor is that you can also play lullabies on it, helping you put down even the fussiest baby.


  • It has a reach of up to 1000 feet making for great portability in even the roomiest home
  • The camera rotates easily for the desired positioning
  • It is pretty affordable


  • You need to keep it plugged into a power source for use
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Angelcare Baby Monitor

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor, with Breathing Movements Tracking, 5’’ Video, Sound & Temperature Display on Camera

The Angelcare baby monitor is perfect for any parent looking for even more features out of their baby monitor without having to break the bank to get it. Boasting the biggest screen of this bunch, this monitor has some pretty amazing extra features. The monitor comes with a Breathing Sensor Pad that monitors your baby’s movement for an added layer of comfort. Also, this monitor is built to sound off if no breathing movement is detected after 20 seconds, which could very well be a lifesaver. The monitor has two mounting styles that you can use depending on your needs or preference which are wall mount or simply placed on a table top. It also comes with the smart feature of temperature detection and turns red if the nursery is too hot and blue if the temperature drops too low.


  • It has the option of use while plugged in or with 4 AAA batteries for portability
  • It has great sound quality so you can hear even the slightest movements
  • It’s relatively easy to set up


  • The camera doesn’t have a great zoom function
  • It doesn’t have long range for use going up to only 820 feet
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As you can see, there are a lot of good monitors out there, each with features that most parents are looking for. A baby monitor is something that is supposed to lessen the anxiety of parenthood, so you want to be particularly sure that your final selection will meet all your needs as you best understand them. Whether it’s fancy features or durability, ultimately, what you’re paying for is your peace and your child’s safety. The options on this list should be able to provide you both these things leaving your decision entirely up to preference.