How Do I Know If Baby Is Latched on Properly?

mother breastfeeding

One aspect that is very important when it comes to breastfeeding is latching. If you want to have a successful nursing experience, the first thing to do is to know how to help your little one latch properly. The most important benefit of a proper latch is the fact that it’ll allow your baby to … Read more

How Long Should a Breastfeeding Session Last?

Close-up of baby breastfeeding

​One of the things most new mothers struggle with right after birth is how best to breastfeed their babies. Very often, a new mother will either deal with lack of milk supply or failure of their newborn to latch properly to their breast. To add to this, when to breastfeed, how long to breastfeed, best … Read more

How Do You Fix Foremilk Imbalance?

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​The consistency of breast milk keeps changing throughout every feeding. The first milk that comes out when your baby starts to breastfeed or when you start to pump is known as foremilk. Foremilk is usually compared to skim milk. This is because it is low in both calories and fat. However, its consistency is still … Read more

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk?

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​One of the most common questions that most new breastfeeding mums find themselves asking is: how they’ll know if their newborn is getting enough breast milk. And this is well justified given that mothers can’t exactly see the milk that their body is producing. As such, it’s difficult to know how much your baby is … Read more

Do You Get More Milk Pumping or Nursing?

mother holding baby with two arms while baby is curiously looking up

​Whether you are a seasoned mum or a new mum, there’ll never lack a moment where you ask yourself various questions regarding breastfeeding. One such question that mums are always faced with is whether they are able to get more milk nursing or pumping. The natural infant food as you know by now, is breast … Read more