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You have excess milk.
Apply to become a donor.

We’ll send you instructions on how to deliver your milk at no charge.

Your milk is provided to infants in Africa and helps critically ill infants across the United States.

Give Milk

Our mission

Our vision is that every infant in the world have access to donor human milk as a first choice when a mother’s own milk is not available. We aim to create awareness for the need for donor human milk, mobilize donors, and provide donor milk to infants in need.

In order to maximize our impact on the world, IBMP provides both short and long term solutions. To relieve immediate suffering, we provide direct support in the form of donor breast milk for infants suffering from malnourishment, hunger and life-threatening illnesses in developing countries and to infants in emergency situations.

We also provide funding and support for sustainable solutions that build the capacity of local milk banks and health care systems as a whole. As we work toward our long term vision that all infants in the world will have access to donor milk when mother's own in not available, we hope to close the gap on infant suffering, one ounce at a time.

Our Impact

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